Who is behind the brand Intimate Stories

The brand was created by two sisters Vlasta and Iveta. Vlasta is responsible for design, pattern development and production as she has got a vast experience as a designer. Her sister Iveta takes care of sales and marketing.
(Vlasta Collu Profile)

 What the brand offers

Our brand offers daywear clothing with timeless silhouettes and sophisticated sleepwear for ladies as well as sleepwear and loungewear for gentleman.

What materials we use

We use only materials made of natural fibers and delicate elastic galloon laces:

Organic cotton with GOTS certificate (Global Organic Textile Standard) - this is our main material. We use woven batiste, mull-mull and cambric as well as organic cotton jersey.

Cotton with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate. It means, that materials were tested and do not contain any chemical dangerous to health.

100% silk. We love to work with silk for their properties. Silk is a hypoallergenic material and it also helps to regulate temperature of human body when worn and human skin can breathe easily.

Stretch galloon lace - we have got 4 types of lace and they were up-cycled. We bought them off from closed down factories in England and Germany.

 How we make our clothes

Our collections are hand-made in Slovakia in family atelier. Patterns are developed to reduce fabric waist to minimum. All fabric cut-offs are used to make lavender bags and appliqué for some styles in our collections. The remaining cut-offs are donated to art and craft schools and retirement homes in Piestany (Slovakia) and Bratislava (Slovakia) to support their art and craft projects

All our collections are created with love and integrity. We would like you to feel amazing, fabulous and relaxed when wearing our clothes no matter whether you are dreaming, running after shops or you are on the way to conquer the world.

What makes us different to the rest

High quality of materials - we choose carefully our materials as well as suppliers. Some of our suppliers do business with us already for a few decades. We work solely with natural fibers that are better choice not only for the end customer but also for the environment.

High quality of patters and cuts - we prefer timeless silhouettes that don’t go out of fashion so easily and our patterns reflect time long experience with garment development for real women.

High quality of workmanship - it matters to us how all our products are finished. You can see the craftsmanship in our tiny rolled hems, French seams and finishing of armholes and necklines. Every piece is made to high standards and when finished it has to pass our quality inspection.

Flexibility to accommodate customers' requests - we understand that shape of each woman is unique. If she cannot find her proportions in our size guide we can make the required style to her real measurements and without any additional costs.

Our prices

Our clothes is designed by us, developed by us, made by us and shipped by us. You buy it from our website you buy it directly from us - “the manufacturer”.

There are no costs for distribution, wholesale mark-up, salesman provisions, etc. Our prices consist only of 20% VAT, cost of used fabrics and materials, cost of development and production of particular style (product), sales costs and profit.

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